Teitho March-April Challenge

Hey everyone.. spring is trying to come in like a lion here and that means it is time 

for the March April Teitho challenge.

This month it is a picture challenge, and the link is here....


You can write a story that takes place here, or just let the overall atmosphere inspire you for a story or picture. You can also use the picture as a visual metaphor for events that you will depict - it's only up to you how you will look at it.

The deadline for this challenge is April 30th.

Send your entries to teitho.contest@gmail.com. The contest is anonymous and the entry can't be posted publicaly until the results of the challenge are announced. Please mind our rules when submitting your entries for the contest.

Happy writing and drawing!

Your Teitho-moderators,

Mirach, Carawyn, Karri, Sian22 and Lotrfan


Well.. that was an adventure.  Six months of different meds for me (some good, some bad) and 4 visits to the children's hospital for our son.  Ugh.  LIfe has been a mess but happily now much more settled.  I am cautiously back at work and busy.  Missing you all.  Keeping my head down until my interminable WIP is done--4 chapters to go.  And then I can get back into the world.  Oh and did I say I ridiculously signed up for the Secret Santa?  Lol.. we shall see what comes of it but hope you are all looking forward to a lovely holiday season 

Happy Easter everyone

Hope everyone is having a lovely relaxing spring weekend and/or Easter...
I have been lurking a little more and hope to find more time soon.  I am doing a bit better still and our son is through his own health scare.  Never boring here..but suffice to say one never wants to have their child in ICU in so much pain their lips are white.  His lung collapsed...twice..and necessitated a very painful surgery.  But thanks to wonderful friends helping were are back on our collective feet and moving forward.

Hugs to everyone
Hope to catch up properly soon
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Just a quick update to everyone.. no I have not dropped off the face of the earth .. although it does feel like it.  Just got back from a visit to the Mayo Clinic where we were trying to get answers about this  disease/wizards'scurse-whatever-the-hell-it-is.  The good news is it is not any of the big baddies we were worried about (rheumatoid meningitis, chronic lyme) but will take time to sort--massive adrenal gland imbalance.  Little writing happening but at least I am no longer on the anti-convulsent meds that made me a semi-coherant drooling mess.  lol...   There is hope for more Teitho in my future now...

Hugs to you all
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where did summer go?

Just finally sitting down to update... the summer has flown by.. mostly in a fog with new meds that have not worked in the end the way they should.  Just started new stuff that seems to be working better.  I am back to writing (yay) and working half time because I can string several thoughts together.  laugh..  hope everyone is well and have lovely, relaxing and or exciting summers


spring has arrived

I know I've been a tad absent lately... not enough energy to update these past few months but thrilled to say after surgery two weeks ago to block the nerve that was effectively triggering the seizures I am feeling so so much better.

Have missed you all and hope everyone is doing well..

as a sign of things improving our magnolia bloomed this week.  This is the tree the replaced the one that died and was profiled in "A quiet drift of petals"

Sigh....not all back to 'new normal' yet...

just a quick post to say hi and let everyone know I am still alive but just not having the time or energy to go online much at the moment.  I 'may' have had a tia 2 weeks ago..a mini-stroke.  Still going through lots of tests...it may also have been a weird migraine related to new meds.  That is what I am hoping for but still not my usual semi-bouncy self.  The good news is the new meds for the RA are helping!  my hands don't hurt.  *grin*   maybe by the end of the week the CP bunny will start stirring again.. I hope so..I miss write and have done v little for a month.
Happy Spring everyone
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Back south...and warm

Just back from several weeks work in the north of Canada.  While yes I do have the gear it was a treat today to not be in my -40 jacket, long johns, heavy boots, balaclava et al.  And somewhere that internet isn't flaky :)   And I will not be getting on a plane again until...June I think!  Yay... and the house was not as much of a disaster as I expected.

V happy to be off the trial of the steroid they had me on for the RA..the insomnia was a killer and the swelling made me look like gollum.  I don't think there are any pictures....

Time to get caught up on everything...and the good thing the cold did was made me think of how to adapt my field work experiences to something about Aragorn as a Ranger.  Will file that one away maybe for a Teitho sometime...

Snow and quiet time

Sigh.  i am as usual overcommitted but sadly the new normal is making itself be recognized. I have been finally diagnosed officially with Rheumatoid Arthritis (thought really have known for a year).  Yay an explanation for the chronic pain and more importantly the chronic fatigue.  Am not myself..usually I am going 120 mph at everything..nope..not now.  So..now to figure out how to work with this.  The latest round of meds seem to be working (praying to His Noodling Magnificence for that)  but I need to slow down or I will have flares.  So..what better time to slow down than a quiet snowy January.  Part of the process is looking at my horribly long list of started and half finished fics..and prioritizing..one thing at a time is now only manageable.  (me the night owl..in bed at ten and no longer up til 1 scribbling away?!  horrors) .  Sadly this means I did not join the Xmas fic exchange much as I wanted to..nor Teitho..or the Snowflake..  but ... once CP is finally done I can get back to them.  and maybe other ideas can bubble up.  I have not had the time or energy to be at LJ much and want to get back to it.  So..with rearranging some piles I may find more time.
Hope everyone is having a peacefull and productive start to the new year

Happy New Year everyone

I want to take a moment to wish everyone here a wonderful New Year.  I have been trying slowly to catch up with everyone's doings but RL has been nuts..way too much travelling for work...the plus side is time to write on planes..the down side is..well..too much time on planes :)

Where ever you are..may you have the best year ever and joy and health and all good things